Are your ex-employees swimming off with your data?

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Posted by Lucy Beck on March 15, 2013

And are you letting them?

Company information and data can be some of the most valuable material held within your business. Your business data can be the result of many years hard graft and for someone to be able to take this at the click of a button can be a painful and infuriating thought. It is often the case that it can be hard to keep track of your employees’ movements especially in regard to your company information. Obviously your employees need to access business information in order to fulfil their job roles but how can you protect it once they have left? An effective CRM system can help you to anticipate these problems and can leave you armed with the necessary equipment to quickly and efficiently disable employees’ accounts – keeping all your data secure. Once an employee has decided to leave you don’t want them fishing around in your data pond reeling in your entire client information do you? So don’t let your employees off the hook with your data. Trusting employees can be everything but when they walk out the office at the end of their employment, don’t let them walk out with your business as well. With Zoho CRM there are many benefits for employee and data security, all of which are easy to implement. So you needn’t be a fish out of water when it comes to maintaining your CRM.

You can define boundaries and settings easily by controlling employees’ visibility and access.

Under users and permissions you have the ability to control individual employee rights -from their own personal preferences, to the role they play within ZOHO to you determining what add-ons they have access to and more. All of this can be altered at the click of a mouse, meaning that there are no long drawn out processes in deactivating a user – it can be instant. Also you can decide what information you wish to share with ZOHO Documents library.  When your sales people are out on the road allowing them to have the ability to access documents through the cloud can be vital. However there are probably some business documents that you’d rather weren’t up for grabs. With ZOHO docs you can create shared workspaces, inviting only those that you wish to have access. You can also set admin rights for ZOHO docs by defining whether an individual can just view documents or whether they have the rights to edit or delete. Secondly sending documents can also be highly monitored with the inclusion of a password which is shared between you and the receiver. An expiry date can also be included so that your confidential document doesn’t end up floating down stream into the wrong hands or get tangled in pond debris. Your calendar can also be a vital source of information. Sharing your calendar with your colleagues allows everyone to know what is going on and when. It can also be a key resource when an employee decides to leave as you can easily see their upcoming appointments and plans – the same with the CRM system. Notes and tasks assigned to a client or prospect can be extremely important when deciphering where an employee was up to before they left.

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