Is yours a backwards, forward-thinking business?


Posted by Lucy Beck on February 21, 2014

Is it important for forward-thinking businesses to facilitate backroom processes with the same approach as they do for the front end of the business? By this I mean by utilising cloud technology to optimise their workflows and processes. Having recently retired from the armed forces after 14 ½ years, I have grown used to a certain level of operational efficiency when it comes to managing and administering all elements of an organisation. Before starting here at i-Dynamics, I did a brief but busy stint consulting for a technology business. Initially I was blinded by this exciting new stage in my career and thought that everything ran perfectly. On closer inspection, however, they were the definition of a swan, clean and smooth from the outside but when you get underneath you realise that things are going crazy.

Running a business in the most inefficient way possible?

As I began to settle into my position I started to realise that there were some cracks in the company’s administration and management processes. A business that is at the pointy end of the technology sector, innovating new opportunities for system efficiency, offering the most effective domestic and commercial technology systems available, and yet running their business in the most inefficient way possible – it amazed me! The General Manager, directors and senior managers, were completely focused on being leaders in their industry, bringing in new technology and offering the most efficient solutions available, and were certainly that, from a customer facing perspective. But they were driving their business with scribbled notes on post it pads, sales appointments called through the night before, printed spread sheets (hand created) for the call center staff to use, one telephone number for an office full of management and call centre staff, multiple software systems and versions. Orders and invoices were manually typed, printed and posted. I’m sure you get the picture – it was chaos!Laptop and file

Keep house well and everything else is easy

Surely there will come a time when their efficiency will start to cause problems, not only from an administration and management standpoint, but it will begin to seep into the customer-facing elements, leading to loss of credibility, reputation and ultimately a loss of business. Is it important to start as you mean to go on and run your business on cloud software so that you can look like a swan but without all that effort under the water? My commanding officer always said keep house well and everything else is easy.