Complex custom design and build of CRM Solution for industry experts

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Posted by Lucy Beck on March 20, 2014

Project Summary: The Anderson Group, a leading commercial contracting solutions organisation, has implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system built using Zoho’s cloud CRM solution. The solution is being deployed in collaboration with i-Dynamics, Zoho’s premier UK Advanced Solution Partner, and 64T, the IT services provider for Anderson Group. The Anderson Group deliver a suite of business services and solutions to companies which primarily revolve around accounting and legal services, across a broad spectrum of businesses from self employed individuals through to limited companies.

The Challenge

As a rapidly expanding organisation with multiple sources of client-based data, the Anderson Group wanted to introduce a CRM that would offer a single point of reference for all contact events with all service users, and with easy integration into existing back-office systems. Crucially, the Group wanted to achieve clear ownership of client relationships throughout its organisation and the ability to manage and monitor those relationships via comprehensive reporting and key performance indicators.

…as designed and installed by i-Dynamics, allows the automation of follow-up calls for all new leads received into the system by a team of telesales operatives based in Asia. The successfully converted leads are then put into an automated process which captures the additional financial and personal information required by Anderson in order to deliver the service to which a given user has signed up. This process includes scheduling calls and tasks by the UK-based client on-boarding team, capturing and storing various documents and making sure all the necessary procedures have been followed.

The Solution

As Anderson can offer their client a selection of services dependent on whether the end user is a limited company or a self employed contractor, i-Dynamics were required to develop a number of custom modules and complex scripts within the Zoho environment to ensure all required information for a given service had been collected. In addition, a web service was developed for exchanging data with external financial systems such as Sage. ‘Prior to cloud-based technology like Zoho it would have taken many months of system development and integration to deliver such a system’, said Lucy Beck, Managing Director at i-Dynamics. ‘However the nature of Zoho meant that we could prototype in a couple of weeks before Christmas and once the concept was accepted by 64T on behalf of Anderson the live system build was completed within a matter of 6 weeks, early in the new year.’

Following the successful implementation of a Zoho CRM…

…64T is continuing to work with i-Dynamics to extend its use of Zoho software across the Anderson Group. This includes the proposed inclusion of SMS capabilities and VOIP integration.