Web based App designed to support complete customer order payment workflow

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Posted by Lucy Beck on February 20, 2014

The Client: One of United Kingdom’s leading, independent suppliers of cleaning equipment and supplies.

The Challenge

Being an organisation that managed and operated across different parts of the continent, the order process within the enterprise involved handling nationwide customer data and cataloguing constantly evolving cleaning equipment. This process had become time consuming and cumbersome due to generation of tons of paper and involving error prone processes which required lengthy, manual approval cycles. The requirement was to automate the entire order management process and streamline it for all their branches.

The main objective was to reduce the overall time to execute orders and eliminate errors. Highly secure online access was required for all the system users in order to create and process orders directly from their branches with minimum training needed to learn the system.

The Solution

A web-based application was designed to create a centralised order handling system which supported the complete customer-order-payment workflow. The system was divided into various sections to enable easy and quick access to all kinds of data.  User Management section handled different levels of user registrations and permissions. Customer section was used to store and retrieve customer details along with recording criteria such as discounts and credit limits. Once an order arrived over the phone or counter, a staff member would be able to enter the details in the Order Management section and keep it further updated with status related to processing, checks, payment and delivery.

Based on the order and delivery related data, invoices would be handled and generated in the Invoice section. Additional segments included a Product Management section to upload and update all data related to cleaning equipment and supplies. And a Reporting System for generating collated data including customers, orders, invoices, deliveries across different branches and covering specified time periods.

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