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Posted by Lucy Beck on February 21, 2013

Retaining customers that you already have is the best way to maintain stability and improve reputation.

Focusing 1st on looking after your current customer base is paramount in order to attract and establish new customers and clients. CRM is great in helping you to achieve business excellence through customer focus. A precise outline of a specific client within a manageable system is one of the most important outlets for a business. Clear visibility on the web as well as an understanding of individual customer habits is also important and then with a quick response time from your business thrown in if need be you are able to broaden your business opportunities in an extremely positive way. Using a great CRM system is particularly important. This is something that at i-Dynamics we truly believe in as we speak from experience. By using CRM you can segment, email and update your clients whenever there is anything they should know. When the holiday period comes around, you can email them to let them know your opening times, or if you are having downtime on your website you can keep them informed. Customers like to feel that they are being kept in the loop. Not only this but it builds trust between company and customer and cuts down on the number of grumbles due to not knowing about scheduled website maintenance. A good CRM system will allow you to see instantly the clients who have not purchased from you for a while. Where have they gone? Why not send them a special offer in the post, by email or SMS. This not only entices them back to your company but also makes them feel valued as a customer. Adding in mail merge tags to emails with contact details makes the emails more personalised and being addressed directly by name, people are more likely to take notice. Having everything at your fingertips is usually an understated luxury. When you are in the office surrounded by customer information, paperwork and your personal assistant the thought of not having the correct info at hand often doesn’t even cross your mind. But image heading off to a meeting without the correct address, telephone number or email of the client you are intending to meet. You would have no way of instantly getting in touch with the client to confirm address or to reschedule if you found yourself at the complete other side of the city. A good CRM system can often be measured by whether it is cloud based. Cloud based CRM is brilliant in order to be able to access the same information that you would in the office. Being able to work on the train and record the details of calls when you are away from the office is a key feature of today’s cloud based solutions. Not forgetting the ability to collaborate and share. Are you truly able to share all your business ideas, work, documents, contacts, phone calls and emails from wherever you are? Whenever you like?
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