Do you have everything you need in your business toolbox?

business toolbox

Posted by Lucy Beck on January 31, 2013

One thing you shouldn’t be without in your business toolbox is a fully functioning CRM system. Not having a great CRM system would be like turning up to a building job without a crucial tool or missing the handle on your hammer. Good CRM is like a well-built extension, it works with your business extending your reach, your accessibility and your client relations. Zoho is a vital CRM tool. It is not only a great CRM system but it is also cloud based, meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere, so you never have to worry about leaving your tools behind. Your mobile phone, tablet or laptop are a few of the devices that can support cloud based CRM; as long as there is an internet connection you can have full access to your CRM. Having an organised and efficient business toolbox is always a plus. You don’t want to be rummaging around looking for a client or contact that is just lying in the bottom of your toolkit like a loose screw. You want everything to be at your beck and call and easily accessible. But don’t forget that a good CRM system can do much more – lead nurturing is something that it is great for. One thing that your CRM toolkit can do is to help your business machine keep track of your leads. It will help to determine what you do or don’t do with your leads. Lifting the bonnet and looking more precisely at the workings of a CRM system you are able to understand the benefits in more depth.  For example, with Zoho you can record the time spent on phone calls to a particular lead as well as the emails sent to them. You can also set tasks for yourself or a colleague to schedule a call to a lead for example, as well as being able to add notes to the contact and customise fields so that key information about that lead is displayed. Your CRM system is also there to be able to answer any sales related questions – an added bonus that can link to your marketing efforts. The nuts and bolts of a good CRM system will mean that you are able to have important answers at your fingertips from a chain of events; The Lead is added to the CRM system             Did sales follow up on leads passed along by marketing?          How long before sales followed up on a lead?              Who followed up on the lead? How long was the phone conversation? What emails were sent? What notes were recorded from the contact?       What is the next step? Has the lead been converted to an opportunity? From the chain of events, lead through to opportunity, having all these details at your fingertips can be vital in the smooth running of your business activity. If a spanner is thrown into the works by an employee leaving, going off sick or being on holiday for a couple of weeks,  their notes, phone conversations and email exchanges can be vital in highlighting the next steps for someone who is taking on their role or control of their duties. So make sure your business is working at the right capacity by using the correct tools. Why not contact us at i-Dynamics to talk about implementing Zoho CRM into your business or click here for a Zoho CRM demo.