DropBox for Business. One gift you’ll love for life not just for Christmas!

santa and dropbox for christmas

Posted by Lucy Beck on December 19, 2014

Last year our Christmas blog revealed how Santa Claus copes with his busy pre-Christmas workload – “Zo-ho-ho CRM of course”, he told us. But one aspect of his joyful and mammoth task was still a mystery to us. How on earth did he manage to collect and process all the beautiful letters and drawings that children from all over the world send him requesting their favourite toys and gifts?

Once again, the incredibly organised and surprisingly tech-savvy Santa Claus told us it was a cinch ever since he implemented Dropbox for Business, or as he likes to call it ‘Dropbox for Christmas’.
“Some of our Christmas Wish List letters arrive by email these days. But by no means all of them. I still get post bags full of handwritten letters, often with beautiful illustrations and sometimes photos attached, which my processing elves scan to digital files and upload to Dropbox. Not only are these precious items dear to us and deserve to be preserved, but storing these files intelligently is crucial to our operational efficiency”.

Unlimited, safe, any type file storage

santa and dropbox for christmas

Santa explained that before LapLand Inc. brought Dropbox for Christmas into the family business, their purpose-built letter filing loft floor was creaking under the weight of copious over-stuffed cupboards and cabinets. The resulting chaos of misplaced and hard-to find documents meant that cracks were appearing in the otherwise smooth operation.
He said, “It was getting so bad that it was beginning to threaten our ability to process our orders effectively. In the end we had to make the difficult decision to start shredding and recycling some of the letters we received from children who, admittedly, would be adults now; but it still upset us a little to destroy them. Although the Reindeer did appreciate the extra bedding that year!”, he said with a warm glint in his eye.

“In fact”, he continued, “Because Dropbox for Christmas allows us unlimited cloud storage, all our letters get digitised as soon as they come in now and the letters loft has been converted into a chill out room for all my little helpers. They particularly love the Christmas Pudding-styled beanbags and the elf foosball table” he commented. elf foosball2

Document access anytime anywhere, even when you are offline

Santa continued to regale us with the benefits of having all the files in the cloud with the ability to access them from anywhere, anytime. Plus the fact that his elves could work on the files offline without being connected to the internet as, sometimes, he said, the Wifi in LapLand HQ tended to be a little unreliable. Santa thinks this is due to the feverishly-happy elf vibrations that the factory floor produces which he believes may block the signal sometimes. The problem has been reported to his internet providers, LapCloud, but so far the true cause of the service interruption remains unconfirmed.

Aside from being able to optimise space at LapLand HQ and being able to access and edit files offline, Santa said there are another two very ‘jolly and significant’ features of Dropbox for Christmas that Santa and his helpers couldn’t live without.

User Permissions and Unlimited File Versioning

Dropbox for Business comes with the ability to assign user access permissions to specific Dropbox folders and ‘file versioning’. This means Santa can give access to a folder that only concerns the Good Boys Toy Department Manager and, likewise, the Manager of the Good Girls Toy Department who doesn’t need access to the boys folder, nor the Board Games Department and so on.

The file versioning functionality option within Dropbox for Christmas, which allows users to access an unlimited number of previous editions of edited files -meaning saved revisions are never lost – is greatly valuable to Santa’s little helpers too.
“Sometimes we don’t have the desired toy in stock”, said the Chief Warehouse Elf, “so in the rare case this happens our protocol is to find another suitable toy to replace it with and to avoid what we call ‘Reindeer Day’, which is the nightmare scenario when a child gets the same presents as the previous year. This doesn’t happen anymore thanks to file versioning”.

The prospect of i-Dynamics developing Dropbox and Zoho CRM Integration gets Santa all hot under the collar

santa and dropboxAs a Zoho CRM user, Santa Claus almost fell off his red chair when we mentioned that i-Dynamics are working on developing integration for Dropbox and Zoho CRM.

Whilst Zoho Docs (Zoho’s own document storage and management App) already supports Dropbox syncing, i-Dynamics wants to push this envelope further and see Dropbox files held directly against Contacts in the CRM, which would mean never having to leave the CRM to find files pertinent to your customers, suppliers and contacts again.
“Gosh, if i-Dynamics can achieve this, it would be like all my Christmases coming at once! And that’s an awful lot of excitement to contain”, he said.

i-Dynamics are Dropbox for Business Partners, which means if you want all your Christmases to come at once, like Santa, talk to us about getting you merrily on your way to document heaven this Christmas and New Year.