Former White Helmets Instructor Given a 2nd Chance after forced retirement

ryan white helmets2

Posted by Lucy Beck on March 7, 2014

At i-Dynamics we work in the cloud. This is a great way to operate a business of any size, enabling us to access our data from any location via any device, without having to worry about infrastructure maintenance. On a human resources level it allows us to offer true flexible working to our employees. Why should people who are, for example, single parents or have an injury or disability not be given the opportunity to live up to or exceed the expectations of their employers just because they cannot operate a standard nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday working week? Here at i-Dynamics we operate an incredibly flexible working environment. If you need to nip out to a medical appointment, or leave early to collect your children from school, no problem! As long as you are completing your workload on schedule and to the required standard we are happy for our employees to be as flexible as they need. In effect because of our ability to be flexible we can get the best from our staff, whether they are an ex-serviceman with a career-ending back injury or a single parent we can cater for their needs.

Transferable skills

Recently i-Dynamics has taken on a new employee, Ryan. He has just retired from the armed forces after 14 years’ service. He has been deemed “unable to be gainfully employed” by the Military due to a severe back injury sustained at work.  At i-Dynamics we feel this is a little harsh. He may not be able to complete the more physical aspects of military life but he is more than capable of working. Although it is an unfortunate end to his military career, we feel that their loss is our gain. Ryan is a fully trained telecommunications engineer from The Royal Corps of Signals, with a great deal of experience in his field and we are beginning to see that many of his skills are transferrable to our organisation.
ryan white helmets

Ryan Makepeace in fiery action with the White Helmets display team

Early last year Ryan conducted an internship with our company and fitted in really well. Although his skill set was not exactly what we were looking for, we saw value in him as an individual. We agreed on the placement with a view to potential employment. Unfortunately, because Ryan required further treatment for his injury before release we had to part ways. Finally in October last year Ryan found out his final discharge would be 11th February this year.

A need for flexible working

Due to his injury Ryan had struggled to find a new employer who would be able to cater for his need for flexible working, so he re-connected with Lucy, our MD, and began talks about a role within i-Dynamics. Lucy was willing to investigate the possibility of employing Ryan full time but was unsure about affordability at a time of rapid growth in the company. Ryan therefore approached The Poppy Factory, a charity that for nearly 90 years, has been making poppies, crosses and wreaths for the Royal Family and the Royal British Legion’s annual Remembrance Day appeal. Since 2007, The Poppy Factory has also been placing wounded, injured or sick ex-military personnel of all ages and from a variety of armed forces backgrounds into jobs beyond the Factory and all around the UK. poppy factory logoFocusing on boosting recruitment and employment prospects for ex-Service personnel, The Poppy Factory has found and matched employers with clients, and in many cases, part-funded their clients’ first year’s salary, to allow for training into their new role. Ryan was assessed by The Poppy Factory for his suitability for this support and was thankfully accepted in early February. This not only allowed him to step into a new industry and build on his military experience, it has also allowed Lucy to take him under her wing and begin to develop him into a company asset without shouldering all of the financial risks of employing someone who has no direct industry experience. We are delighted to have Ryan on the team and making use of our flexible working ethos!