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Zoho's project management with i-Dynamics Solutions Ltd

Posted by Lucy Beck on December 11, 2012

…. in project management and client billing

Keeping control of your projects and the time spent on them can be tricky. Zoho, and in particular Zoho projects, is able to aid in the management and control of your business. Zoho just like a car, is not only sleek and striking on the outside, like a bright red Ferrari which catches everyone’s attention, but it also has the functions that make it work correctly and promptly, the mechanisms under the bonnet as it were. In other words, Zoho not only looks smart but it also has the ability to change your work processes for the better. With Zoho projects your business can go from 0-60 in seconds as projects and time management can be efficiently controlled and billed. As we all know time=money and there is nothing more detrimental to a workplace than both of these being wasted. With Zoho projects your workforce can plan, track and collaborate until their hearts content making the most of their time and consequently making money from it too! Just like a well oiled machine which takes several components to make it work to the best of its ability, Zoho projects has numerous great features to help the functionality of your business. With Zoho projects you can manage tasks, share documents, track time and billing, chat, share and create forums for discussion. If this isn’t enough for you, you can notch it up a gear and control all this whilst on the move from any internet supported device using the cloud.

To keep your business on track, in Zoho projects you can use a timesheet function to effortlessly calculate the time spent on a task. At the same time, whilst exporting data in a format most suitable for your business needs, you can highlight those clients that can and need to be followed or fast tracked for payment. You can log time daily or weekly, adding employee user, task, notes, time spent and billing status which are particularly helpful if you bill your customers based on time spent on a project. Every minute can be moneymaking and make the business journey worth it.

Do you work better to a timescale? Do you drive your workforce to work strictly to deadlines? With Zoho projects you can record time spent on a task with the integrated stop watch. It not only keeps track of possible billing time but is a constant reminder that helps employees to stay on task and work quickly and efficiently. Timesheet data can then be exported to clients and/or project managers to get a glimpse of the completed tasks for billing, payroll or estimating costs. And with everything in one place you can create invoices from Zoho projects. If you work more visually there is also the application of a Gantt chart to provide a visual summary of project activities. To set the wheels in motion request a trial or free demo from i-Dynamics today!