Holidays – Do You Have Time For Them?

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Posted by Lucy Beck on July 17, 2013

Running your own business takes so much time, you probably feel you never have time for a holiday however much you need one. Moreover there are so many things you need to get done, that take up your time and attention.  You probably feel as if you are spending more timing doing admin than actually running your business. The good news is when correctly setup and implemented, the Zoho platform actually frees you from many of those mundane or necessary tasks, so now you can take the afternoon off to watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon, or even that extra week or two holiday that you really ought to spend with the family in August. Think cloud computing zoho invoiceOf course cash is king so must come first – take a look at how Zoho Invoices frees you from the chores of sending paper invoices and pdf’s around and then chasing payments.   zoho campaigns Zoho Campaigns gives you the freedom to create your very own beautiful-looking emails and keep your clients and other contacts up to date. You can even track who reads what you send out and if they clicked through to further information.   zoho creatorIf the standard Zoho platform doesn’t quite meet your needs you can build your own app quickly & easily using Zoho Creator.   Of course i-Dynamics is here to help you if you don’t think you can do this yourself. Yes! I hear you shout – but there is still Customer Service to worry about well guess what Zoho even have an answer to that and are currently offering unlimited licenses for free on Zoho Support. So you see Zoho really does free you from the complexity and cost associated with business software from other providers like Microsoft and Google – so you can put all your focus on your business. We do hope you don’t have to work throughout the holiday period and the August Bank holiday, but if you do, all that you need will be right there in your phone, on your tablet or your friend’s computer.

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