How Zoho CRM Will Restore Your Business

refresh you business with zoho crm technologies

Posted by Lucy Beck on August 1, 2013

Seemingly heaven-sent, Zoho CRM is a Cloud-based platform that frees sales people up from administrative procedures and allows them to focus on their core role of selling. It achieves this by automating tasks and simplifying processes, removing the duplication of tasks and creates common, business-wide objectives. Not that long ago, in the dark ages before the Cloud, key information was centrally produced by Head Office teams and circulated only monthly. Potentially vital information may have been produced by one of a business’ functions and not shared across the company. Vast quantities of time were subsequently wasted waiting for information to be transmitted. Can you imagine the sales opportunities missed as a result? Zoho opens up those functional silos of data to the business, and does so quickly Time once wasted waiting for new leads or customer vital information to appear can now be used to sell.

refresh your business operations with zoho cloud technologies

Whether you are in sales or finance, working on a technical help line or in a warehouse, you become part of the company’s customer interface with the help of a web-based office suite. By encouraging collaborative working, company wide goals can be facilitated and understood by all.

Web-based office suites provide you with information, whenever and wherever you may need it.

On the train? At home? In the warehouse? No problem. Data can be accessed via the web on a smartphone, laptop or PC at the office, at home or in a customer’s car park as you do the last minute checks before meeting a client. There’s not so much number crunching and chopping involved, either. Data can be sorted and sliced to produce the figures you need. Reports can be easily and quickly personalised and tailored to meet your business’ needs. Again, this will save a business crucial time, which can be spent selling or focusing on customer needs.

By choosing Zoho, you are taking a step towards reduced costs, increased sales and overall profitability.

There are other platforms in the marketplace, but none that can be so seamlessly plugged into your business model. Experts agree that businesses can no longer survive without the right CRM strategy, all the more reason to make Zoho part of yours. Drive Your business forward with CRM