It must be Monday!

i-Dynamics coffee laptop

Posted by Lucy Beck on March 4, 2013

There’s something to be said for that phrase, ‘getting out of the wrong side of bed’ which suggests that your day is never going to get off to the best of starts. Add a Monday Morning in to the equation and you may feel the need to head straight back to bed.

In my case, I stupidly forgot my key to the building this morning. Not only could I now not get into the building at all (turns out it was a bad Monday morning for all involved as reception had had car problems) but I was also at a loss as to how to get into the i-Dynamics office. Luckily after a bit of head scratching and pacing up and down I was granted access to the building without my key but the i-Dynamics office remained shut up like Fort Knox. Now I was inside the building things were looking up a bit. I was warm, inching closer to my desk and could visualise the steaming morning cup of coffee! Now it was during this predicament that I was in, that I had a small epiphany and realised a couple of things:
  1. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get into somewhere. In my case the office, especially when you can envisage where the key is.
  2. Knowing that you are now stranded in the hallway because of your own forgetfulness is very frustrating.
  3. Thank goodness for cloud based working.
So, whilst I waited for the cavalry to arrive there I was perched up against the wall, laptop on my knees, writing this blog. I was also able to log into our Zoho CRM system and check my emails. Skype was also logging in and firing up so I could make contact with colleagues elsewhere. I could have also logged into Dynamic Mail and tweeted to my heart’s content if I’d have wanted to! Even without my laptop all would not have been lost. I have Zoho CRM integrated into my phone so I was still able to receive emails, look at documents and make calls. All of this was thanks to our business being based in the cloud (and the internet router being close to the door so I could pick up the signal!). Now imagine if you had been in my situation this morning or one fairly similar.
Imagine if you had turned up for a meeting and got the location completely wrong. Would you have been able to log into your business system wherever you were and access client contact information, emails and the like to find out exactly where you were supposed to be? With Zoho CRM, a couple of clicks and a tap of a keypad you could have got all your client information on your handset, notified them of your mistake and rearranged another meeting.
Now forgetting a key is bad enough but imagine forgetting an important document.
Hopping on a train to visit a prospect, travelling 400 or so miles and the document is left in your briefcase in the office.  Terrible, especially if there is nothing you can do about it. However with Zoho Docs you can have all your important documents within the system ready to access as and when you need them. All you need is internet access.
So you have left your diary on your desk and now you are not even sure if your head is screwed on properly or where on earth your 2pm appointment is going to be. You’ve tried to call Sue in the office but oh wait, she is unavailable as yes, she is on holiday in the Bahamas. Oh great, good for you Sue.
But you needn’t fear Zoho possesses an integrated calendar so you can always keep in check with your daily events and share your calendar with the colleagues who need to know your whereabouts. You can also easily find out where a particular person is so you can track them down, or the exact location of your 2pm.

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