It’s all about experimentation

i-Dynamics experiment

Posted by Lucy Beck on September 5, 2012

Unfortunately no-one has written a book or discovered the perfect marketing equation for all businesses.  Marketing campaigns and sales campaigns are all experiments – using differing techniques to draw the attention of prospective clients that will convert to sales. If we knew the perfect email or landing page for our industry then there would be no need for the array of tools, techniques and developments that we see in sales and marketing today. It is testament to the amazing and complex human mind that we are all guessing at what might work.  The amount of data that the human mind is capable of absorbing is far lower than the amount available to us, thus the reason to select the best possible solution for the majority. Using email split testing and experimenting with subject lines, day of the week, times and designs is one way to assess the response of our audience. Creating a variety of landing pages with opposing styles, content and calls to action is another. Looking at sales it is possible to move a campaign forward with the correct strategy – using webinars, free downloads and offers to attract the receiver of that cold call to convert to a prospect.

The key element in any campaign is in the analysis – what is not measured cannot be managed!

Analysis of the data from your website, email campaigns, social media, blog, PR and advertising all need to be pooled into a managed system for accurate analysis, thus providing that return on investment and long term strategy that takes away the guessing game scenario.   Think of it as a learning process, developing a clear idea of your ideal prospect, how they like to be communicated with, when they like to hear from you, what sparks their interest and ultimately what it takes to convert them to clients. Look out for our up and coming webinars on analytics, drop us an email if you would like to be the first to hear when they are available.