Move Over Microsoft, there’s a New Programme in Town!


Posted by Lucy Beck on July 5, 2013

Ever feel like you are busier doing administrative tasks than your actual job? How many minutes of each day do you spend checking through emails, generating leads, analysing figures and following up potential customers? Let me introduce you to Zoho, the answer to all your business problems. ‘But what is Zoho CRM?’ I hear you cry. In essence, it is part of Zoho Office Suite, a web-based online office suite that includes a wide range of business necessities from word processing to presentation production packages, to databases and project management tools. Zoho CRM Zoho CRM can become your Customer Relations Management medium, supported remotely by experts and available at a competitive price. With Zoho, all aspects of CRM are automated, which frees you up to do what you do best – sell. By simplifying otherwise time consuming activities, your sales team can refocus on hitting, and exceeding, their targets. Zoho has the added benefit of facilitating real-time information sharing, saving duplicated effort and creating common team objectives. It is also significantly cheaper than other Cloud-based CRM platforms on the market, a nice bonus indeed. If your IT team are spending too long managing and supporting your existing platform, switching to a Cloud-based suite will free them up to focus on business relevant issues and projects, on core business priorities. The techies can put their efforts into adding even more value to your company’s service offering. projects2Another benefit of Cloud-based interfacing is the relative ease with which data can be visually analysed to create useful reports and dashboards. Whatever your specific business reporting needs may be, they can be seamlessly integrated into your account. Relevant, real time information can be shared with colleagues, or across the entire company and collaboratively analysed, saving time and adding focus to any process. In terms of apps and e-marketing, a feature now integrated is Zoho Creator, a powerful tool that enables you to build customised apps for your sales and marketing requirements. It is a platform that enables apps to be built within minutes using its intuitive drag and drop interface. Handling sales leads, new prospects and existing customers need no longer be a chore with this new web based software. Zoho CRM, a very significant new programme, now in town. Start your Lifetime Free Trial here TODAY! Drive Your business forward with CRM