Moving office is easy in the Cloud…

move my office to the cloud

Posted by Lucy Beck on December 6, 2013

Having recently moved office due to the expansion of our team, it occurred to me that I have never experienced such a straight-forward relocation. Since we like to practice what we preach, we work entirely on the Cloud so our move was simply a case of taking our furniture and putting it into our shiny new office space, switching on our desk screens and plugging in the broadband… and we were off!

No ‘down-time’ during the move

We experienced no ‘down-time’ at all since we could work from our mobile devices even whilst mid-move. There were no heavy filing cabinets filled with documents to lug about since we are paper free; there were no phones that would be ringing unanswered on moving day as we use a cloud-based VOIP system and can divert calls to our mobiles or any other number of our choosing; and there was no server or other hardware to be relocated with all the nail-biting that goes along with the thought of any loss of valuable data. cloud computing

Consider moving to cloud based services

Even if you are not planning an office move any time in the near future, you might want to consider moving to cloud based services. Not only will this enable you to automate and manage your business processes efficiently, it can also help to create a ‘lightweight’ and streamlined office environment. Just think how many filing cabinets you could move to the Cloud and how much office space that would free up – you could install table football or a calming and zen relaxation space for your team instead! Although we don’t plan to make moving office a regular occurrence, we are really enjoying our minimalist new space and it is comforting to know that, as we continue to expand, the thought of another office move is not something that will fill us with dread.