Once your business is running smoothly and efficiently, you can turn to growth.

Brightpearl is a multi channel ecommerce management system developed specifically for retailers using today’s technologies.

Brightpearl multi-channel retailing

Brightpearl’s Commerce Acceleration Platform unifies orders, delivers real-time reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability by SKU and channel, customer purchase behaviour and more. Armed with these insights and the confidence that comes from knowing their core operations are under control, retailers can focus on what they love – merchandising and growing their business. 

The company was founded in 2007 by Chris Tanner and Andy Mulvenna. They were struggling to manage their growing, multi-channel skateboard business and recognised the need for something powerful, affordable and specific to retail. Traditional ERP, Back Office and CRM software are not serving small and mid-size retailers as well as they could be. 

Brightpearl offers a better solution for retailersi-Dynamics are a Brightpearl Approved Partner, so at every step of the process you will speak to a friendly and knowledgeable person to help you:

Process orders more efficiently
Stay in control of your inventory
Increase your purchasing power
Improve customer service
Make faster, better business decisions
Improve profits and cash flow
Minimise admin time and reduce errors
Access new sales channels for growth

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Contact us to get started with Brightpearl

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