Now is the time to spring clean your customer information!


Posted by Lucy Beck on March 20, 2013

And what better way to do this than with a brilliant CRM system from Zoho and i-Dynamics?

Spring is officially upon us – even if the weather in some parts of the country is not in total agreement. This time of year is often paired with thoughts of new beginnings and life blossoming – spring lambs jumping around in our fields for one! So now would be a great time to spring clean your client information and get the best out of your business systems. Not only to improve workings within your business but to provide customers with the best service. Inaccurate customer information can be problematic and sometimes embarrassing. Has it ever happened that you have gone to make a follow-up call to a customer for them only to tell you that they have already been contacted regarding the same matter earlier that day? A little bit awkward and rather unprofessional to then have to make your apologies and put down the phone turning a brilliant shade of beetroot. So where was the confusion? No doubt the call confusion was a result of a poor CRM system or worse – no CRM system at all. Duplicate contacts or poorly updated contacts can be the result of many red faces around the office and furthermore badly managed contacts can also restrict the efforts of your sales and marketing. So in order to make the most out of your contacts it is paramount to deploy a CRM system into your business. But maintaining your CRM and keeping it functioning as best as it can is a continual process, if not you may find yourself with a very long a very tedious clean-up process on your hands. Zoho CRM is particularly effective customer relationship management for many reasons.

The ability to have extensive data fields for leads, contacts and accounts

In order to have effective client management you need to make sure your records are complete and the included information is extensive. Zoho CRM includes numerous fields and you can select which fields are mandatory. So for your busy sales reps on the road who often neglect to fill out customer profiles completely, mandatory fields can mean that the most important data is inputted. Name, email address and phone number are particularly important and a task can be set for the rest of the company information to be added at a later date if necessary.

Avoid duplicate entry

As email addresses are unique to each contact a great feature of Zoho CRM is to be able to compare email addresses. When adding a new lead or contact you can check whether the record already exists in your CRM. You can also merge your existing duplicate records together so that no important information is lost!

Maintain the same data inputting protocol

I am a creature of habit and there is nothing I like more than organisation. There is only so much that a system can do to make sure your information is tip top – human effort is just as essential. So to make sure everyone is on the same page when inputting data it is a good idea to introduce some nifty drop down menus. This will help those who enter UK compared to others who opt for United Kingdom. This also resolves a lot of headache when creating lead views and having a standardised  format means that you create accurate reports based on exact criteria.

Added data security

With everyone being able to input data and get their hands on company information, maintaining a streamline and fully functioning CRM is often not that easy. Think of it as the more people in your house, the more likely it is to get messy. A good idea is to set up restrictions for access to the data in your CRM account. You can define roles that will help you to control the access and rights of users working within the CRM. This way users will only be able to modify records that are relevant to them. This can also be beneficial when an employee leaves – your data is safe as their account can be disabled in an instant.
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