The Paper Free Office

Rebound with CRM from i-Dynamics

Posted by Lucy Beck on January 10, 2013

If you visit our office you may have the same questions as many of our other visitors;

“Where is everything? The files, the folders the mountain high stacks of paper?’
Well the truth is that we just don’t have any!
We would love to tell you that it is all because we are so keen on “saving the planet” (that is partly true) but the main reason and the driving force behind our severe lack of paper can stem from the 3 C’s;

Collaboration, cost and common sense!

So in the long game of business, preparation is everything. Saving money in the short term sets you up for the long term, much like conserving energy in the sports world. It’s all about teamwork and if everyone in the office works from the same page then there will be no worries of any own goals.
Collaboration –
You are working on a document and your colleague in the north needs to see it, oops, you forgot to send it in the post, you haven’t got a copy or worst case scenario damn, you’ve left it on the train! If that wasn’t problematic enough you might even have the drama of having to scan it, email it to your colleague, who will then print it, amend it, scan it and email it – gosh, what a palaver!
So, to avoid any unsportsmanlike conduct, why don’t you bypass this document worry and have all your documents in your CRM (customer relationship manager) system?
By having the documents in the cloud in your CRM system you and your employees can access them on mobiles, laptops or tablets anywhere in the world. Moreover this allows your colleagues to catch your rebounds if you are off sick or to bounce documents back and forth with alterations at ease.Documents can even be digitally signed if necessary!
Cost –
You have 5 clients that need training, support, meetings and more. Potentially that can mean Manchester one day, London the next and then travelling on to Devon, followed by Bristol and how you can get to Spain on Friday is way beyond your logistical understanding. But wait, why not use our CRM meeting tool, you can talk face to face, share each other’s screens and send documents to each other all online. No need to travel – all their accounts are updated online. No need for paper –all vital documents can be seen and shared online. No need to stress – everything is in one place.
But let’s not forget when travel is unavoidable there are the expenses. With an online, cloud based solution you can photograph or scan receipts and then take joy in committing them to the shredder. The online versions are then available for those people who you want to access them, to be able to get their hands on them from anywhere.
Common sense –
We always say no to anyone wanting to “post” to us. We help clients by showing them how they can be cost effective and clever by being “in the cloud”.
“Why send invoices by snail mail?” – the customer claims they have not got them, lost them, and now you need to send another copy. This is both time consuming and a delay in receiving your business earnings.
You can get paid instantly if you send electronically! – You will be able to “see when they view the invoice” which makes sense to working and allows you to send a justified email after time if a payment has still not been received. This is something that would not be achieved from posting through the mail system. This will not only save on postage costs but also copy costs as well as saving on time spent waiting for payments – all which will be vastly reduced.
So run with that ball, take your business with you anywhere out of the office. Keep it safe from fire,theft, loss and server failings – Keep it in the cloud!