Seamlessly Uniting Inventory and Accounting with Zoho Books. THE inventory and accounting software.


Posted by Lucy Beck on September 10, 2014

Zoho announced this week the launch of inventory management features in its online accounting software, Zoho Books.

Zoho Books is now the ideal inventory and accounting software solution for companies who sell products and want to track their stock and manage their business finances, all from a single tool. 

Businesses like these often expend ridiculous amounts of money, time and resources to separately track their stock, orders, sales and invoices to stay in control of their business. With its new inventory features,
“Zoho Books is an excellent companion for small business owners to get a complete picture of their business finances and to make smart business decisions”, said Raj Sabhlok, president of Zoho Corp.

Learn how to set up inventory management for your business and to better understand how inventory works, Zoho are hosting a webinar today (Wednesday September 10th, 2014) at 5pm – 6pm UK time.

Register here for the webinar

Inventory is the single largest asset on the balance sheet of many businesses.

Poor inventory management can lead to lost sales if stock is unavailable or cash is tied up in overstocked items. With Zoho Books, retail businesses can now keep track of stock available, stock ordered and stock in demand. What better way is there to help make informed decisions with real-time inventory value captured in financial reports? Zoho Books relieves business owners of stock control and other mundane yet important tasks related to inventory management, giving owners the time needed to focus on the growth of their business.

Key functions in the latest release of Zoho Books include:

Zoho Books inventory and finance management

Reduce costs with optimised inventory
Avoid overstock, anticipate orders in the pipeline, and purchase goods accordingly, all based on orders created in Zoho Books.

Get notified when quantities drop
Set limits for products and receive notifications when stock quantities drop below the re-order points. Create filters to identify which vendors need to be contacted in order to re-stock without delay. 

Insightful reports in real-time
Zoho Books generates custom reports based on stock data allowing business owners to make informed decisions. For example, the FIFO lot tracking report accurately traces the incoming and outgoing goods as the transactions are created. Based on the stock available, the financial reports are updated with the right inventory asset value.

Account for damaged or stolen goods

Zoho books gives you a specified area that helps you account for lost, obsolete and damaged goods allowing the operation to balance sheets accordingly.

Maximise your inventory
Create custom price lists or markdown prices by a percentage and sell products more quickly. Price markdown can be a useful tactic to increase the sales for unsold inventory.

Pricing and Availability

The inventory management feature in Zoho Books is available immediately. New users can sign up for a 14-day trial to evaluate Zoho Books for their business needs. Zoho Books is available on iOS, Android and Windows. Business owners can add unlimited users as well as their accountant to their Zoho Books account. The monthly subscription is $24, and a yearly subscription is available for $240, which includes a two-month discount.