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i-Dynamics Lionfish of Zoho CRM

Posted by Lucy Beck on December 12, 2012

Many business sectors and individuals can benefit from a CRM system. The legal profession is just one of these. As many business specialists will know, and in particular busy legal professionals, it is easy to understand the stresses and strains of having to deal with a lot of information at any one time. Do you sometimes wish that you had the same eight limbs as an Octopus in order to juggle your daily activities…?

…And then one more tentacle just to be able to drink your coffee?

Data collection and data organisation is one of the many things that can help your career as a legal professional go swimmingly. Not forgetting the client relationships that can stem from being awash with all this data collection. After all if you can reign supreme with clients in today’s shark infested waters, this will mean repeat business, recommendations and referrals, bringing with it a waterfall of business. Building these client relationships means your business can be ship shape in no time and this in particular is where CRM comes in. It does exactly what it says on the tin, helps you to maintain your client (or contact) relationships through efficiently managing your contact base. If you currently find yourself looking through muggy waters in order to monitor and maintain your client base, Zoho CRM can make your client relationships crystal clear. With Zoho CRM you can see right to the bottom of your business management clearly and effortlessly, meaning you are able to keep track of your client relationships without getting caught up in the often seaweed covered net of business management. Particularly within the legal profession, where documentation and information is plentiful, an application like Zoho CRM can be the starting point of opening a treasure chest of knowledge wealth when it comes to assisting client relationships and turning an enquiry into a business jewel. But how can i-Dynamics with Zoho CRM grow your legal business from a bland minnow into an exciting Lionfish? With automated management and progress tracking you can use it for business development, following leads, keeping in close contact with clients and sharing tasks and information from within your firm. This means that the client world is your oyster. But let’s not forget the importance of taking the helm and steering your business in the right direction is maintaining a current and prioritised workflow. With CRM you can have your dashboard view from which you can monitor and access all your business information, as well as tracking key items, assigning tasks to your colleagues and employees, attaching vital documents to clients folders and therefore drawing in plenty of pieces of eight from satisfied clients! The easy to use applications in Zoho CRM also mean that there is no need for a telescope to understand the finer details of what is going on in your business. So start managing your client relationships today and set sail with Zoho CRM brought to you from i-Dynamics!

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