Finance Automation from Purchase to Pay

e means easy, efficient, environmentally friendly and economical !

From requisition (purchase order control) through automated invoice capture and accounts payable process control, i-Dynamics can help you gain better control over your purchase to pay processes and therefore your cashflow control. finance automation Greater control over incoming invoices, and faster processing mean improved management information, yielding major cost reduction! Don’t you just wish you could quickly and easily see a list of all your liabilities even before you entered them into your finance system and approved them for payment. Better still if you want to ensure you control expenditure BEFORE you are committed to it – invest in a requisition management system that allows authorisation of spend BEFORE  the order is placed. i-Dynamics automated Finance and Purchase to Pay solutions enable an electronic invoicing solution that gives you real time visibility of your supplier liabilities and control over when to pay them thereby helping you to optimise your cash management.

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