Automated Invoice Posting & Matching

So many people mistake invoice processing as enabling invoice data capture through scanning and eInvoicing,

but true Accounts Payable Automation is about getting the invoice through to completion (approval to pay) without anyone touching it – i.e automated posting of the invoice. Clearly you need to be sure:
  • the invoice is from a supplier that you expect to receive invoices from
  • that it is for goods or services you have actually received, and
  • within the cost parameters you anticipated
The challenges start when that’s not the case and AP staff have to start emailing copy invoices around the place, bad enough if you are all in one location, a nightmare if your approvers are spread throughout the UK and beyond !

Using i-Dynamics Cashflow Controller finance and Accounts Payable staff can;

  • avoid late payment penalties – this is becoming a big issue in the UK
  • prevent duplicate invoices being processed
  • reduce the risk of fraudulent invoices getting through
  • gain visibility into who is holding up which invoices and why
  • check invoice postings are correct – avoiding expensive downstream corrections
  • identify bottlenecks and take corrective action BEFORE its becomes an issue
  • manage payment forecasts at a time to suit you – avoiding last minute panic payments to avoid being put on stop by a key supplier.

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