Invoice Data Capture

Traditionally paper invoices are mailed from the supplier to the buyer, who then has to enter the data by keying into the relevant financial system.

Contrary to popular belief there is no requirement by HMRC to either receive invoices on paper or indeed to keep that paper for 6 years. In fact it’s perfectly acceptable in the UK to scan the invoices in, keep the scanned image and then dispose of the original paper invoice. However the problem is still how you get the data off the invoice into your systems so you can process and approve the invoice before paying it.

Invoice Scanning & Data Capture

Scanning is one method of moving towards a paperless invoicing process. This need not mean investing in an expensive scan and OCR system. Other options include:
  • Cloud based scan and data capture
  • Scan bureau services
  • A hybrid of the above – you can scan locally but data capture is done remotely or in the cloud.
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