Purchase Requisition and Order Processing;

The 1st step in Purchase to Pay automation is to get better control over what you spend and where.

Using our iBuyer automation solution you can encourage staff to only purchase from approved suppliers, prevent off contract purchasing  and present predefined catalogues. Stick to budget plans by ensuring spend is pre-authorised, and then deliver the PO electronically to the supplier. Approval processes are streamlined through automated procedures and alerts ensure orders are processed as efficiently as possible. PurchaseDynamics is a web-based solution to support, simplify and streamline the internal procurement processes within an organisation, while ensuring complete control and accountability over each individual purchase.  The solution is mainly targeted towards non-merchandise purchases of consumable goods and services.

PurchaseDynamics is a highly configurable and extensible product.

So while the graphical user interface, workflow and authorisation module are all standardised, they can easily be configured and customised to meet individual customer’ requirements.  If you are interested in knowing more about these possibilities, we ask that you set up a meeting or workshop where your requirements can be discussed in more detail.

Key Functional Areas Include:

  • Requisition – Item driven catalogue buying
  • Approval – requisition routed and approved by appropriate person with the relevant authority
  • PO Delivery and Receipting – PO delivered electronically or via traditional methods. Goods / services receipted into Buyer or preferred receipting system
  • Accessibility – 100% web based, user friendly interface providing geographic independence for branch offices
  • Analysis – out of the box reporting allows managers to analyse spend and process bottlenecks
  • Integration – integration components for over 70 ERP and Finance systems from Sage to SAP
  • CapEx – Proactively prevent budget overruns on significant capital investments through our optional CAPEX module for registering multiple purchase orders against a specific CAPEX code with alerts to let you know when the budget levels have been reached.
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