What is “process automation”

i-Dynamics Cloud based solutions

Posted by Lucy Beck on October 9, 2012

 and do we need it?

  When starting your business you can manage with basic tools – like a gardener with his spade, wheelbarrow and gloves = Minimal cost. As your business grows you need to employ another gardener to assist with the workload, let’s call him Fred = Wages, tools, paid holiday, health and safety training, sick days and expenses. This is then repeated as time goes on and more work is won.  You then have several “Fred’s” –
Fred 1 Fred 2 Fred 3 Fred 4 Admin
Wages Wages Wages Wages Office
Holiday Holiday Holiday Holiday Holiday
Tools Tools Tools Tools Equipment
  This does not include training, tools, facilities…… the list goes on, then there are the 6 months a year you are without one of your staff due to holiday, probably seven months including sickness. Then the magic happens – PROCESS AUTOMATION – you replace 3 Fred’s with a Tractor, use 1 Fred to drive the tractor and outsource your admin. You can see how the agricultural industry has been revolutionised! Using the right solutions and services shows clear benefit for your business.  This used to be the reserve of large corporations who could afford large software solutions or go for offshore labour arbitrage, but with the dawn of cloud based solutions they are accessible and valuable to companies of any size. i-Dynamics process automation tools cover all areas of finance, sales and marketing.  From your social media to lead capture from your web site, to purchase orders and your invoice processing, from contact management to SMS campaigns we have it covered.  Call us to discuss how we can help you transform your business into a cloud based user with lower IT costs and higher effectiveness.   01722 480100.