Why Your Business Cannot Survive Without the Right CRM Strategy

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Posted by Lucy Beck on July 30, 2013

What is CRM?

It stands for Customer Relationship Management. This means a system’s controlled process that spans a company’s entire customer contact activity, from sales to after-sales, to all customer service-related activity, including technical support.

Why is it important?

Well, if applied correctly, CRM allows companies to attract and win new customers and contracts. It also facilitates the task of understanding existing customers, which promotes customer retention.

How can I set up a CRM system?

By synchronising, organising and automating marketing, sales, technical support and customer service, an effective CRM system can be established, in any business. Whether you choose a Cloud-based or manual CRM system is up to you. The advent of the World Wide Web and recent developments in technology such as the smartphone have revolutionised the way we do business. Consumer buying behaviour has changed for good, as have the ways we communicate with customers. The right CRM programme allows companies to harness the dividends made available by new technology. It provides read-across throughout the entire customer experience, allowing it to be more efficiently managed and also identifying future opportunities.

How do I know which CRM is right for my business?

You need to decide what CRM best suits your market. If, for example, there is a need, or a future opportunity to offer your customer guaranteed next day delivery of your goods or services, or same day confirmation of a transaction, you may wish to focus on a package that tracks the order or transaction data accordingly. If you are aiming to improve your marketing techniques, you will be looking for a CRM programme which enables campaigns to be monitored over multiple media channels such as telephone, direct mail or social media. Choose Sales Force Automation software to streamline and focus in on sales activity. Should your Customer Service be in need of improvement, an automated CRM programme can enhance interaction by logging customer concerns and needs and identifying trends and opportunities that may arise.

So, what should I use?

Determining what software best suits your market is an important and potentially challenging experience. The most favoured option is to lease an established Cloud-based, well-supported programme off-the-shelf, especially if your company has high levels of customer data to process and act upon. That said, any CRM platform you purchase must be able to connect as seamlessly as possible with the key processes that you will need to retain. Ultimately, it will require a thorough assessment of your business aims in order to choose the right option for your business. Drive Your business forward with CRM