Working from Afar: Remote Employees and Cloud-Based CRM

Cloud computing for remote employees

Posted by Lucy Beck on June 26, 2013

Technological advancement has changed the working world in many ways. The rise of remote employees is one such example. Among the positive opportunities of remote working are reduced office costs and the increased productivity created by reduced commuting time. On the negative side, however, if the remote workers are directly employed by your company and are not contractors, they are not physically present in your office to be supervised and managed. CRM cloud bsuinesses focus on customerThe rise in remote employees may also influence your choice of CRM platform in favour of a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based solutions are designed to be accessed from any computer or smartphone, making them ideal for remote workers as it allows them access to relevant customer information at the right time. This allows remote workers to focus on customer needs, customer service and cross-selling opportunities. Through using a cloud based platform, your remote workforce will have ready access to relevant information wherever they may be, which, experts suggests, will encourage and motivate them. Gone are the frustrations involved in waiting for key figures to be analysed and returned from an in-house system, or in trying to find out information about a specific customer from a colleague who perhaps only works part time. On the Cloud, your remote employees have everything they need, at the tip of their fingers. Cloud computing with CRMBy enabling remote employees to have ready access to key information, they will feel as valued as the in-house members of your team. Your customers will appreciate this blend of knowledge and energy provided by remote workers. As a result, customer satisfaction and retention will rise, leading inevitably to your company’s benefit. In addition, at the same time that your remote employees are focusing on customer service needs, employees in-house will be able to directly focus on driving your business forward. Drive Your business forward with CRM