Most companies choose Zoho because of the no/low cost point of entry but it performs like a premium product should

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Over 10 million people Worldwide use Zoho applications to get more sales, support customers and make business more productive. Including us!

You can start using Zoho straight away because it doesn’t matter what hardware, device or operating systems you use and it is not relevant how small or large your business is.

All you need is an internet connection and a Web-based browser to access and use Zoho products…oh and the drive and determination to do more business whilst saving costs does help! Sounds nice and easy doesn’t it? Well it can be! For entrepreneurs and start ups it can be completely no-fee…forever!

Did you know that Zoho has a total of 25 modules with solutions for Project, HR, Recruitment, Email Campaign-Management and many more? Or were you aware that Zoho can be integrated with many other applications such as finance packages, eCommerce and web shops…

…enabling you to become much more efficient so that you can concentrate on what you really want to be doing: increasing sales and growing your business.

‘If Zoho can do all of this, where do you come in?’, we hear you say…Well, that’s easy too….!

Personalising Zoho Apps and building in the right architecture and system management processes to accurately suit your business (let alone introducing more complex functions) does take insight and proficiencies you may not have time to master. The devil is in the detail and this is where we can help you to get things up and running smoothly from the outset.

At i-Dynamics we have been working with Zoho for over three years and have developed considerable expertise in the nuances of the various modules. Plus we are here in the UK and offer nationwide support online or face-to-face.

zoho advance solutions providerSo in-tune with the software are we, that we have the ability to extend it beyond an ‘off-the-shelf’ product and provide complex add-ons and customisations. So much so that Zoho themselves have bestowed us with an accreditation only given to 20 Zoho Partners Worldwide! We are very proud to be rewarded with our ‘Zoho Advanced Solution Provider’ status.

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