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Posted by Lucy Beck on October 17, 2012

The benefits of Zoho CRM Zoho brings an effective business strategy to the fore when dealing with client relations. Within your customer relations there is nothing worse than getting in a muddle. You want and need to access customer information quickly and easily with complete clarity in order to contact individuals as well as prioritising potential business. You do not want to feel as though you are wading through treacle just to make contact with a client. Zoho CRM is an online application to aid and streamline your business activity so that accessibility and productivity is key. It helps to manage your time spent on client relations and progress, therefore keeping the customer at the forefront of your business thinking. So what are the benefits of using Zoho CRM? With over 6 million businesses using Zoho , there must be more than one! 1. Accessibility. There is nothing worse than being unable to access something. An umbrella on a rainy day, your car that has been penned in at the supermarket or that five pound note you can see tucked down the side of the sofa. Zoho CRM, however, is always accessible. Based in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time by any of your employees. 2. Customisation. Everyone likes a good accessory, from sunglasses to necklaces and hats to scarves; this is all what adds to making us unique. In the sales world businesses are no different, they know what works and what doesn’t, what goes and what clashes. Therefore to make CRM as efficient as possible there is flexibility in the set up. This allows for the most personal system to be put in place to achieve the best results for your business. 3. Ease of use. Being confused is never fun. Confusion can lead to stress and a stilted work flow. With the implementation of Zoho’s CRM system your business and customer relationships are simplified. Not only this but the system itself is straightforward and very user friendly. Meaning there will be no more furrowed brows around the office! 4. Prioritised and simplified workflow. Doing things in the correct order is always a good idea – you wouldn’t get dressed before you got in the shower would you? And you wouldn’t eat your dessert before your main course (or would you?). Workflow is important in order to maintain various daily tasks with ease. Zoho enables tasks to be performed easily and logically for all those involved. For example call times can be logged and notes can be made for other users to pick up on and action, meaning that everyone knows what is going on at any one time. i-Dynamics are Zoho partners based in the UK, contact us for a no cost trial to see how Zoho CRM can help your business grow.  01722 480100.