How does Zoho CRM make me more efficient?

Are those moments it takes you to find a client email sent a month ago that precious? Do you wish your business tasks were completed with the speed and swiftness of a cheetah? How about the few seconds it takes to find the related quote and proposal that is buried in your document folders? Are you finding your shuffling in the style of a tortoise between mail and contacts in order to call a client? So what if you could have one screen that could show all that information on one page? And more!

With Zoho Customer Relationship Management software you can say goodbye to the time consuming tortoise and hello to the efficient cheetah.

When added together all those tortoise seconds are precious. The seconds turn into hours spent just locating data and information which ultimately costs you money and deters you from becoming the business cheetah that you want to be. Let’s not forget that TIME = MONEYZoho CRM saves time and money with i-Dynamics

The simple, cost effective solution that is the cheetah of the business world is Zoho CRM. Designed to enable everyday business processes and workflow to be quick, effective and available on the go – on any pc, mobile or tablet device.

Not only this but the list of features is extensive (and leaves the tortoise miles behind): With Marketing automation – Auto responders, social management, email templates and web forms. You can swiftly record calls, emails, documents, quotes, invoices, contacts, email, phone and more. Best of all it can be customised to your business! Do you need a field to record customer numbers? No problem! Do you need to record purchase details? Again, no problem! Zoho CRM is a solution that is suitable and scalable to any business. So leave that tortoise behind,

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